New Club Penguin codes ready to fetch you 4500 coins

The end of August saw the release of new codes for Club Penguin which will allow those addicted to the game to grab a total of 4500 in-game coins without performing any tasks. These codes for the massively multiplayer online game can be redeemed by each player only once, and will be particularly helpful to those wishing to participate in Disney’s Frozen Party takeover on the title which is to commence on September 3.

The codes which you’d need to enter if you wish to earn those free coins are REDPIANO, BOUNCEIT, 7POPCORN, ALIENPOW, KAIBLACK and CACTUS18. While the first three among them will fetch 1000 coins each, the remaining two will unlock 500 coins for you.


Another new development regarding the game is about the ‘Skate And School Party’ that’s supposed to take place this month. Celebrating the back to school season, this party will let everyone enjoy this period with updated friends, shopping and learning. It is scheduled to commence on September 18 and slated to last until October 1.

Club Penguin comprises of a huge virtual world containing cartoon penguin-avatars. It was launched in 2005, and by 2007 it had generated over 30 million user accounts. As of 2013, a whopping 200 million registered user accounts formed part of the game. Its immense popularity has even given rise to many similar games like Club Penguin that are thriving online right now.

Coming back to the free Club Penguin coins, like we said, they can be accessed by entering the codes we’ve mentioned in the space above after you are logged into your accounts.

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